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Corporate Name Kanei Nakamura Co.Ltd
Address 8-9-41 Aoba,Chitose-city,Hokkaido JAPAN ZIP CODE:066-0015
Tel +81-123-23-4576
FAX +81-123-26-2144
Representative director Jun Nakamura
Foundation April 1967
Establishment April 1994
Business content Fisheries processing wholesale and retail sale
Bank Hokuyo Bnak, Hokkaido Bnak,Hokuo Credit union

Management philosophy

Since its foundation 50 years ago, we have been dedicated to developing products that always satisfy customers’ expectations, while preserving the traditional and fresh taste of Hokkaido.
Japanese cuisine has now gained global recognition as an intangible cultural property. We, however, often see imitated Japanese-style foods outside Japan.

Thus we take this opportunity to introduce the genuine taste of salmon roe, one of the authentic Japanese foods, produced in Hokkaido, and to expand our business overseas.